The modern and the colonial side of Guatemala City

Welcome to Guatemala City, the most modern and cosmopolitan city in Central America. It is the ideal place for conferences and conventions, where you can spend you spare time playing golf, get medical treatments, visit all the shopping malls and, of course, visit museums. The Historic Center, with its cathedral, the centennial buildings and museums reflects the country’s history and, because of this reason, it is a must see place.

The city also offers various places of entertainment, such as the Zona Viva, where exclusive hotels, restaurants and discos are packed with tourists coming from all over the world to live an amazing adventure.
Another very nice place is the Cuarto Grados Norte, a neo-urban concept with cafes and restaurants, where the cultural activities are the main element to enjoy.

Very close to the capital city there is the picturesque and charming city of Antigua Guatemala, the main icon of the colonial Hispanic heritage.  It is located in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes and mountains having coffee plantations. Because of its history and beauty, it was declared a Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979. With its unique and ancient buildings, and its cobbled streets, it brings to life a scene showing its splendid cultural and religious traditions. The city breathes romance in every corner and this is the main reason why it is the ideal setting to perform weddings and special events.
Visitors can choose between beautiful colonial and boutique hotels full equipped with first class facilities for conferences and business meetings. Think about having a conference in this amazing inspiring setting, then celebrate your success at the sunset, in these streets full of lights, having the breathless view of the mountains in front of you. Your victory would actually be double.