Eating more spending less: that’s America

You can easily spend not that much if, once you are in America, you avoid the big chains, such as Fridays, Thursdays and so on. Over there, in fact, you can spend 35 dollars for a beer and an hamburger.

So, at least you don’t care about how much you spend in food, keep an eye on the menu e save your money for something else, like a show in Broadway.

Have breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, where you can get a box of 8-10 pieces for a reasonable price, and you are full after the 3 one probably, since they have so much sugar and chocolate on it.

If it is your first time in New York, the best option is to buy a donut at the Doughnut Plant, the so-called “king of donuts”: it’s true that a sweet costs 2-3 dollars, but believe me, you really have to try it!

If you know the Big Apple as your pockets, you also know that eating in Times Square can be so expensive, so avoid the Planet Hollywood and take a left into a secondary street where you can find the Mac Donald’s, which is opened 24/7.

Lunch is mandatory to eat in following the “on-the-go” formula, which means eat while you walk. You can have an hot-dog, a sausage or a pretzel and drink (soda, water or shapple, which is the apple infused poop).

Enjoy a pretzel for just .99 cents or go to the 7th Avenue, where you can find, in front of the Carnagie Hall, one of the best kiosks serving hot dogs. You can get one fully topped for just 2 dollars.

Dinner is mandatory having it at Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park, under the Empire State Building. Even if it is cold, you will love the food, the atmosphere and the view.