Historical Carnival in Ivrea, 13-16 February

Visit Ivrea and the Battle of the OrangesIvrea is a nice city in the Piemonte Region, in the northern part of Italy, close to France. Founded by Romans Ivrea is nowadays well-remembered in Italy because it has developed during the 20th century an important industry called Olivetti. As in other parts of Italy, Ivrea during this season is hostin a magnificient carnival that involves thousand of habitants and tourists.

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea is a unique event, that engages ancient traditions, ritual games and a pictoresque show that repeats every year with more rhythm and enthusiasm. The central streets and squares of the town of Ivrea will be covered by spectacles and excitement. The spirit of Carnival Town started back from “the commemoration of the liberation from tyranny”, which dates back to medieval times.

This year this fascinating carnival will take place on 13, 14, 15, 16 February, offering also food events, music shows and a wide open atmosphere. The carnival ceremonies and games recreate an epic atmosphere that guides citizens expressing themselves through theatre.

The heroine of the feast is Miller, at his side the General, whose task is to ensure the smooth running of the event, along with his staff of Napoleon, composed of talented officers on horseback and pretty sutler. Then come the historical figures, the Deputy Chancellor, the Magnifico Podestà, guarantor of the liberty of the city.

To fill with colors and scents the city, then there is the famous and spectacular Battle of the Oranges, a moment of great involvement and strong emotion, evocation of popular rebellion against tyranny. That is an exciting show that involves game, battle and even violence.

In the battle the people, represented by the orange throwers on foot without any protection, fights with strokes of orange against the armies of feudal lords, represented by shooters in chariots pulled by horses, and wearing protective masks reminiscent of antique armor.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by brettocop