Sweet chocolate in Terni (11-24 February)

Saint Valentine's Day Cioccolentino festival in terni ItalyThe new edition of Cioccolentino, that is to be hold in Terni (Umbria Region – Italy) from 11 to 14 February has got one claim: Col Cuore in Gola, that means with heart close to the throat.

This festival devoted to chocolate will display a rich program, based on “passion, desire, emotion, pleasure, sweetness, what links love to chocolate”. Chocolate tasting leaves space to the imagination and calls for intense moments of relaxation and meditation.

That’s why Cioccolentino invites everyone to live with his heart in his mouth thes days of sweetness in Terni. Perhaps it’s not casually that Cioccolentino takes place in the days of Saint Valentine, protector of lovers, that was bishop here in Terni from 197 to 273 d.C.

The program is full of events and workshops where people can learn the secrets of cooking and highest pastry under the guidance of Master Pastry Chef and expert. Italian desserts are offered by over thirty companies and there will be also a special competition for the bravest chocolate eater: who will eat as much chocolate in two minutes will win no less than 10 kilograms of chocolate.

Children have got their entertainment, performances and lots of animations, accompanied by Tortino (Little Pie), the sweet mascot who will bring them to the discovery of chocolate. This will lead your day through comfort and relaxation.

Terni is also an important historical centre of central Italy. It has got rests of Roman origins and wide testimonies of the Medieval Age. In recent times it develops as a active cultural spot, passing over a past where economy was widely based on Steel industry.

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by silgeo