Sorrento villas and accommodations in Amalfi Coast

Sorrento villas

Sorrento is a spectacular place which is part of the Amalfi Coast. It is located on hills of tuff, and over the centuries the erosion of the sea made its coast exactly as you see it now.

Thanks to its location, it has breathtaking views: in fact it faces on the wonderful gulf of Naples.

But Sorrento has also its natural and architectural beauties as ancient villas and parks, blue sea, clear sky and sunshine framed by the colors of citrus, vineyards and olive groves. It has also a mild climate and a fantastic weather.

Sorrento is also the city par excellence in the cultivation of lemon trees and accordingly, in the production of a fine liqueur very apprecieted and exported in all the world, that is known as “Limoncello”.

In Sorrento there are a lot of attactions available as “piazza Tassi” that is considered the heart of the city because it is near to all the principal places to visit and also because it has a lot of shops, restaurants and bars.

For art lovers a must see is represented by the “Museo Correale di Terranova“, where tourists can visit four floors made of paintings, sculptures and antique furnitures.

All these particular features push for centuries a huge number of tourists to visit it. In fact historically, many poets, writers and painters have spent their holidays here, finding in this earthly paradise their inspiration.

If you also want to enjoy each of these wonders, you have to come on holiday to Sorrento!

Now, sure you are asking: how to get to this wonderful place? It is very simple because Sorrento is well connected with Naples and so you can choose to travel by train, airplane or by car or taxi.

A great opportunity that combines the travel with the fun is the initiative known as “Sorrento Express“. It is a vintage train, with comfortable interiors, that lives from Naples every saturday and sunday. It travels a tourist route to Sorrento and here tourists can taste greedy typical desserts as babà, sfogliatelle and bignè drinking a good sparkling wine.

During your holiday you have to find also an accommodation to stay. So you can decide to book in a hotel or a bed & breakfast chosen from those available.

The offers for Sorrento villas for rent are instead a great solution if you want to spend your holiday in complete independence, surrounded by a lot of comforts.

This villas for rent consist of a series of rooms that can accommodate many people. This buildings are characterized by the presence of a terrace and a garden where people can spend pleasant and relaxing hours, admiring wonderful landscapes. These villas have also the parking for your car.

So don’t wait and decide today to reach Sorrento for your holiday!