Ancona and Jesi: the best cities of the Marche region

Welcome to the Marche region, where you will have the chance to visit two of the very interesting cities in Italy.

The most important one is Ancona, where you absolutely have to visit the Cathedral of San Ciriaco. Due to its position on the hill, it remembers the ancient power held by the Church during the past centuries.

Not far from there, you can see some vident traces the city’s Roman past, such as the Arch of Traiano and the Amphitheatre. If you like walking a little bit around, go to Chiesa del Gesù (in English, Jesus’s Church), which was designed by Luigi Van Wittel, alias” Vanvitelli”.

Of course you can’t miss the famous harbor, where you can enjoy a lovely sunset before going to dinner, eating some delicious Italian fish. The climate is very nice and warm there, since there is the sea and you can go walking on the beach even during spring or fall.

Moving into the inland, you arrive to Jesi, which is protected by its massif defence walls. There are a lot of legends connected to the Emperor Federico II of Svevia. It looks like the square which still bears his name is the place where he was born back in 1194. In the nearby, one next to the other, you can find Palazzo Ripanti, Palazzo della Signoria, and Palazzo Pianetti. This latter one hosts the art museum, showing some local paintings, which are very interesting.

Jesi is also famous for the castels. Yes, the plural form is right, since there are so many of them. Actually, these castles are the rests of 14 ancient villages. That is why the “copertelle”, a series of internal and secret passages into the walls, were built. You can find them in the Serra San Quirico zone, which is near the Abbey of Sant Elena, founded by Saint Romualdo around 1005.