Let’s talk about… trullo

Trulli Alberobello

Welcome to Puglia. Now that you are here, you have to know the meaning of this strange word you keep hearing around: trullo. It’s not a bad word, so don’t worry! If you ask around people will say: “a trullo is a trullo”, since it is a particular house used in this region.

In fact, trulli are traditional stone houses with conical roof, typical only of Puglia. Some of them, such as the ones in Alberobello, belongs to the World Heritage Site, since they are something not ordinary and they are seen as a part of historical Italian architecture.

In order to better understand the place, you should rent a trullo, even a small one, with just 2 rooms. If you are by youself or with your partner or friend, it is perfect, actually. Admire the stone cottage, get fascinated by the trullo’s stone roof, which is made of rows and rows of limestone which appear fragile.

Keep in mind that many of them don’t even have a cemented roof, since traditional trulli are not cemented in. That happens because builders didn’t use any mortar or cement in construction during the past.

Nowadays things are totally different, due to the fact that the wind and the cold weather seep directly through the cracks.

Alberobello is a very nice place where tourists love to hung out and sneak through windows, in order to appreciate the sight and to satisfy their curiosity before taking the inside tour.

Keep taking all the picture you want and buy some great souvenirs in order to remember this fabulous town you didn’t even know it existed.

Your friends and family will be definitely astonished and they will envy you. In fact, you have to remember that Italy is not only Rome, Florence and Milan, but it is also small towns with a very rich history.