The La Scala theater and the Sempione Park in Milan

If you are interested in music, especially in the opera, while you are in Milan you can’t miss the chance to visit the famous La Scala theater.

If you are lucky and rich enough to find and afford a ticke for one of the performances is definitely great, but if you can’t, don’t get sad: you can always take a tour of the inside building.

It takes about two hours, since it gives you enough time to read about the famous stars of the past and to see the costumes which they wore for various operatic performances. Take all the pictures you want as a precious memory.

You can also see both the stage and the auditorium: you will have a wonderful experience staying at one of the boxes and look down at the stage. Rich people do it often, enjoying the best opera shows available in Milan and some very unique performances related to some raising found for some social cause. A very innovative way to give money to someone who really needs it while doing what you like.

If you prefer nature, the Sempione Park (Parco Sempione in Italian) is not far away from the Dome and it is a very popular tourist area.

Relaxing visiting the souvenir shops in the nearby, where you can find not only postcards and the ordinary souvenirs, but also the unique ones, which you can only find there.

If you go during summer, taste an ice-cream while setting on a bench reading a book or listening to some music. In Italian, of course.

This park is a very ordinary location for weddings, so don’t be surprised if you see some limousines, brides, grooms and guests there to take pictures in front of the buildings or fountains.