Why visiting the Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a really interesting place where to go while you are in California. Why? Read this article and you will find it out.

First, the Observatory gives you the chance, or the opportunity- using a better and stronger word- to become an observer.

The scale-model solar system orbits in the sidewalks is something you can’t miss, as well as the spot of sunlight on the arc in the Gottlieb Transit Corridor acts as a calendar each day at local noon.

Second, once you enter the Gunther Depths of Space, you can use the telescopes to explore the largest astronomical image ever produced. It also means you can compare the planets, and learn why, for example, Pluto is no longer one of them.

Third, you can sit next to Einstein as he ponders a tiny slice of universe. Pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s almost like checking out the Apollo Moon rock and meteorites that tell us about the origins of the solar system.

Fourth, once you reach the upper floor, you have the chance to get a ticket for the amazing show in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, seeing how California oberservers shaped the view of the universe.

Fifth, during sunny days, when the sky is clear, you can also check out live views of the Sun through the three solar telescopes, as well as, on clear nights, you can head outside to look through one of the Oberservatory’s optical telescopes.

Sixth, enjoy the amazing views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign and take as many pictures as you want to keep great memories of this place.

Seventh, if you get hungry, don’t worry: go to the Cafè at the End of Universe and get a snack. If you also want to buy a gift, the Stellar Emporium can definitely satisfy your tastes.