Perugia, queen of the Trasimeno Lake

The capital of the province of Perugia, Perugia, is a city located about 102 miles north from Rome. It has an ancient history which links it to its ancient culture. This is true, but the city is also open to the new traditions.

That is why Perugia is a melting pot of art, both past and present. Here you can find a long list of medieval masterpieces by artists the caliber of Pinturicchio, Piero della Francesca and Perugino; but you can also attend the Umbria Jazz, where artists such as Miles Davis and Sting performed in the past years.

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Triora, the small town of the witches

Since 1587, during the witches trials, Triora has been known as the “Town of Witches“. In fact, during that time, a number of the women of the place had been accused of being witches, or, as it said in Ligurian dialect, “bagiue”.

Authorities tought these ladies were responsible for causing bad weather, which meant crop shortages, poor, and a very bad economy.

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Sant Pere de Ribes and its “Indianos”

Many people in Ribes left for the colonies to seek their fortune during the 19th and 20th century. The twn grew during the 19th century, thanks to the buildings that this small local bourgeoisie constructed when they returned.

The route of the so-called “Americanos” is traced down Carrer Major, which is the main street of the town.

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London’s regions

London buzzes night and day with an unforgettable energy, and each area of the city has its own district atmosphere. Here is a quick introduction to the points.

Central London
London’s heart is made up of many districts, from the iconic City of Westminster to the City of London, the main financial area of the capital.

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The modern and the colonial side of Guatemala City

Welcome to Guatemala City, the most modern and cosmopolitan city in Central America.

It is the ideal place for conferences and conventions, where you can spend you spare time playing golf, get medical treatments, visit all the shopping malls and, of course, visit museums.

The Historic Center, with its cathedral, the centennial buildings and museums reflects the country’s history and, because of this reason, it is a must see place.

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