Busters Coffe: an American corner in Turin

Welcome to Italy, tourists. I am pretty sure one of the first things you are missing here is Starbucks, a must place where you can grab your favorite American coffee or taste the super tasty Java Chip Frappuccino.

Unfortunately we don’t have it in here, but (of course there is always a but) don’t worry, Turin has the perfect solution for you, in order to satisfy your needs and let you enjoy the American taste.

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Eating Italian in Lisbon

Let’s see how tourists eat Italian while they are in Portugal. It’s very interesting to find out what they like and what they don’t, what they espect and what they get.

1- Markets: called mercados in Portuguese, one of the most famous ones is the Mercado da Ribeira, which is the perfect solution for your personal grocery. You can find an excellent wide variety of fruits and vegetables spending just a few euros.

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