Rome sites and tourist attractions

rome tour

You can expect a lot from Rome, seat of empire. The city of the Caesars, of “La dolce vita”, of lively squares, of churches and museums.

But also the city of traffic and noise. The city of Rome belongs to no particular historical period. Its quarters are a medley of ancient, renaissance and modern buildings.

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Pasta Trend – The Greatest event for the Pasta World

pasta trend

Pasta Trend is the first event worldwide completely dedicated to pasta and sauces. According to nutritionist and researcher Professor Calabrese pasta produces the hormone of good mood and it’s the first step to prevent depression crisis.

Pasta is the central product in Mediterranean diet, meeting all needs of a healthy, balanced and varied alimentation that combines nutrition and health.

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The greenest cities in Italy


Each year Legambiente, an italian association devoted to the protection of natural resources, along with Ambiente Italia – Environment Research Institute in Italy and the editorial assistance of Il Sole 24 Ore (economic newspaper), report statistics on environmental quality of the 103 provincial capitals in Italy, highlighting the best urban ecosystems.

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Walk by the Christmas Market of Bolzano

bolzano christmas

At the Christmas Market in Bolzano the scents of mulled wine and cakes mix with the sounds of Christmas music in a concert like no other.

The entertainment on weekends and in the churches in WaltherSquare in Bolzano will be the strong point of the event: traditional music, horn, marching bands, storytellers and narrators of fairy tales.

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Christmas market in Rapallo Liguria

rapallo liguria

During the Christmas period, also in the collection and fairy-tale setting of the village of Rapallo, the “carugi” animate the lights, scents and colors of Christmas.

Wandering through the many banquets you can find delicious gift ideas, special works of local crafts and gourmet products like the famous pandolce the classic chestnut or apple fritters.

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