Alghero Sardinia City Guide

alghero grotta nettuno

The town of Alghero is situated on a strip of land that juts out towards the sea. A promontory that seems born to accommodate an urban settlement.

From the sea you can catch with their eyes the mighty fortress that surrounds it. The profile of homes is low, all are equally high. It’s possible to admire the bell tower of the cathedral of the city.

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Cuneo, in the heart of the Granda Province, in Piedmont


Cuneo is the capital city of the Granda province and it was founded in 1198 on a plateau in a triangle, a “wedge” in fact, situated at the confluence of the river Stura with the river Gesso.

The oldest part of town lies on the tip and is characterized by a checkerboard system along the central street (Via Roma) from medieval times. Famous for its cakes cuneesi Rhum, soft and fragrant, with their internal liqueur.

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Rome sites and tourist attractions

rome tour

You can expect a lot from Rome, seat of empire. The city of the Caesars, of “La dolce vita”, of lively squares, of churches and museums.

But also the city of traffic and noise. The city of Rome belongs to no particular historical period. Its quarters are a medley of ancient, renaissance and modern buildings.

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Pasta Trend – The Greatest event for the Pasta World

pasta trend

Pasta Trend is the first event worldwide completely dedicated to pasta and sauces. According to nutritionist and researcher Professor Calabrese pasta produces the hormone of good mood and it’s the first step to prevent depression crisis.

Pasta is the central product in Mediterranean diet, meeting all needs of a healthy, balanced and varied alimentation that combines nutrition and health.

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