Cuneo, in the heart of the Granda Province, in Piedmont


Cuneo is the capital city of the Granda province and it was founded in 1198 on a plateau in a triangle, a “wedge” in fact, situated at the confluence of the river Stura with the river Gesso.

The oldest part of town lies on the tip and is characterized by a checkerboard system along the central street (Via Roma) from medieval times. Famous for its cakes cuneesi Rhum, soft and fragrant, with their internal liqueur.

Cuneo is the heart of the Alps in the south. With a flourishing economy developed in many areas from agriculture to manufacturing, nowadays also tourism is having a big push. The valleys are becoming more and more often the goal of tourism across the Alps, in search of authentic and new flavors.

The city tour can start from the main square, Duccio Galimberti, among the largest in Italy, overlooked by beautiful artisan bakeries and antique shops.

From the central square that runs the center in one hand while continuing to make great display of his secular history with sumptuous palaces, the intersection of other roads takes us even closer to the most modern and full of tall modern buildings.

Wedge as well as cakes and famous for the tradition of typical Piedmontese cuisine, famous throughout the world. The city is served by a small, but functional airport of Cuneo Levaldigi.