San Vigilio di Marebbe

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visit san vigilio di marebbe in the dolomites area

In the heart of Dolomiti, near Brunico, lies San Vigilio, a beautiful town where you can spend your holidays during winter, or during summer,too. This old romanic settlement today is one of the best destinations for skiing of the whole Dolomiti area.

Here you can find two different skiing district ; the first and smallest one is called Pedaga. There you’ll find six different skiing tracks. This district is the best choice for beginners and intermediate skiers. There is also available a track for snowboarders.

Keep always a camera with yourself, the landscapes of Dolomiti are something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The second district is called Miara – Plan De Corones , and gives you access to a wide area with more than thirty different tracks, suitable for beginners,intermediate and experts. From Plan De Corones, with your ski, you can even reach other cities. Like Brunico, for example, going through the famous and really difficult track called “Silvester”. Be careful, this track is black rated.

During summer, part of these districts are open for summer skiing. San Vigilio can offer also other kinds of enteirtainment.

There are always many festivals and shows, usually promoting the Ladina culture (culture of the South Tirolo).

The milk in San Vigilio is really tasty. So we suggest you to try locally made yoghurt and cheese. The fonduta course, expecially during winter, is always delightful. If you like desserts, don’t forget to try the famous San Vigilio’s Kraffen. You can buy it into baker’s shop all around the city.

Cranked out about every hour, you can taste your kraffen still warm.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: altoadige_suedtirol_southtyrol