Soundres 2010 – International contemporary music in Salento (July 7-13)

salento soundres 2010Among the many music festivals that take place every summer around the world, Sound Res in Puglia region in Italy is definitely a different and fascinating event. Maybe it is the occasion to discover this land’s traditions starting from a different point.

The reasons are essentially two: this is an initiative that brings the musicians to work closely one with each other, famous and youngsters, experimenting and composing. The concerts, open to the public, are held in great locations, where history and magic bring to light hidden corners of Salento.

This territory, located in the South-East of Italy, the heel, has a long history: Messapians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Turks had conquered and occupied it. Ancient musical traditions coexist one with each other, in a land where the pace is the inner heart of every living thing.

Here you will find land and sea, fantastic seafood and delicious wines, warm traditions and perhaps the best seaside that Italy has to offer along with Sardinia.

The seventh edition of the residency program for contemporary music invented by David Cossin (who pkays percussions with Sting), Alessandra Pomarico and Luigi Negro will take place in July (6 to 13) with Patrick Watson, a young and talentous Canadian musician, composer, pianist and extraordinary vocalist. Critics have said that “he has one of the most intelligent vision of the pop culture after that of Jeff Buckley”.

He will have also an extraordinary band, the Wooden Arms, with local and international guests, including Cesare Dell’Anna (trumpet) and Mauro Tre (piano), Melanie Belair (violin), dutch guitarist Jeroen Kimman and visual artist Luigi Presicce. This group will organize workshop with local talents, creating a real summer school.

Main appointments are on July 9, Sound Res for kids, on 10-11 July workshops for musicians, singers, composers and on July 13 the main show in Monterooni (Le).

Image Flickr creative commons license courtesy by: Paolo Margari