Cruises departing from Venice

If you want to travel around Europe with cruises, the best  option you can choose is the Mediterranean cruise that include Venice, Dubrovnik, Split as some of the beautiful cities you will be able to visit. A very cool way to spend a wonderful vacation with your family, holiday and friends. The best tip, of course, is to find the best cruise that suits well your finances.

That’s the only thing you have to do, then leave and enjoy all the places the cruise ship crew will show you while going around. You will be able to see both fun and cultural places and have great memories about your vacation.

Choosing the cruise I suggest you include the romantic Italian city of Venice, with all its canals, romantic-looking gondolas and stone walls, the same one that appear in movies. It can be a great experience visiting the city just in one day (according to the cuise you choose, of course), since it is not that big and you can explore it completely. Don’t forget to go to the St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco in Italian) and watch out for the pigeons!

As far as it concerns Dubrovnik, tourists love it, since it’s a city where so many elements are mixed all together. Consider the powerful history, the Adriatic scenary and all the buildings that give an idea of old-fashioned romance. and chivalry. There, too, you can feed pigeons, but it’s better spendinfg the time maybe enjoying the great beaches and taking wonderful photos of the medieval walls, since they are under the UNESCO’s protection.

The Croatian city of Spit, on the opposite, is big and it’s the spot where usually tourists stop to hop on or gett off the ferries in order to go to different islands. Of course they spend some time in this place, since it is so cheerful, full of friendly chatter.