Florida Tips and Tricks: what to see and do

Florida tips and tricks

Everyone knows about Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, the water parks and all the other common tourist attractions in Florida.

But what is real Florida? The one people actually live in? The one behind the scenes?

Florida has become a popular spot for young people wishing to learn English as it’s not difficult to see why.

But for people taking an English course in Florida knowing the best places to go away from the usual tourist routes is essential to be able to practice the language and experience the real culture of Florida.

So, here are some tips and tricks for your get away.

Tip 1: Cafes and Restaurants
It’s nice after a day of sightseeing or for a break from the beach to sit down in a nice café for a cool drink or an energizing coffee. News Café 800 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach: Open 24 hours day News Café is a restaurant, café, bar and newsstand all rolled in to one.

It’s a popular hangout for coffee, ice cream and frozen yogurt situated right on the sea front. Versailles Cuban Restaurant, Miami: Versailles claims to be the best Cuban restaurant in the world. Four decades ago when it first opened, it became a meeting place for Cuban immigrants.

Nowadays it welcomes everyone in the community and is a common focus for politicians wishing to gain local support. Delicious, inexpensive, traditional Cuban cuisine can be bought in a 1970s style setting.

Tip 2: Little Havana
One third of greater Miami´s population is Cuban and little Havana is where the first Cuban immigrates settled. Wander down the streets and you will find traditional cigar shops, botanicas and small colorful cafes. It may not be the typical tourist area but it is one with lots of history and character.

 Tip 3: Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
While the tourists flock to the Kennedy Space Center carry on further north taking route 402 and visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

The park is home to over a thousand bird and animal species within its 14,000 acres of sand dunes, marsh lands and fresh water rivers. Many activities are offered such as bird and wildlife observation, paddling and fishing.

Tip 4: Panhandle
An official term for the westernmost area of Florida, bordering Georgia and Alabama the area has a Deep South feel instead of that of Florida.

Therefore you can experience the slow paced existence. It is also home to the states capital of Tallahassee, chosen due to its rough equidistance between St. Augustine and Pensacola, which were the old capitals of east and west Florida under Spanish rule. It is a city with a lot of history, museums and old country charm.

Tip 5: Everglades
The everglades are not really a secret spot but there is a special tip: Visit during the winter months between November and April for the best views of its wildlife. Many bird species settle there for the winter and as another bonus there are far fewer mosquitoes.

The national park is 65 km wide filled with wildlife such as alligators, panthers and dear as well as 350 bird species.  The Anhinga Trail and the Eco Pond are some of the best viewing spots.

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