The Valentino Park in Turin

Enjoying a nice afternoon in the Valentino Park once you are in Turin.

No matter how far your hotel is located, since the place is very well connected by buses, especially tram number 9 and 16.

So, find at least a couple of hours to enjoy a nice day in the park, choosing which activity to do: reading a book while sitting on a bench, jogging with friends, renting a bicycle to go around and visit the Valentino castle (which, of course, is located inside the park), having a pic-nic or simply sunbathing while relaxing.

Doesn’t this sound great for you? For most of the people who live in Turin it is, that’s why the park is always crowed, even at sunset: that’s the perfect time when students meet to party, after classes and studies.

You will see them, grabbing some beers and snacks, dressed casual and in a very comfortable way, ready to spend time together. Someone also brings the guitars, so they can play and sing.

Freedom. Spring. Summer. Love. Friendship. Fun. Smile. Relax. These are the keywords related to the park, the favorite one in the city, according to its position and the services offered.

You can also grab a drink or a gelato from the kiosk inside e you are free to bring your dog, keeping an eye on it.

Once you get bored, you can visit the beautiful guardens full of lovely flowers and pretending you are in Japanese garden, so quiet and amazing.

You can also decide to visit the so-called Borgo Medievale, which includes several Medieval ruins around the castle, where you can take as many pictures as you want.

What else to ask for in a city where traffic is something ordinary and where you always have to be in hurry in order to reach the places you are interested in?