Florida Tips and Tricks: what to see and do

Florida tips and tricks

Everyone knows about Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, the water parks and all the other common tourist attractions in Florida.

But what is real Florida? The one people actually live in? The one behind the scenes?

Florida has become a popular spot for young people wishing to learn English as it’s not difficult to see why.

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Rome in Limo

limousine roma

Rome Limousine Tour gives you the chance to live the magic experience of visiting Rome in limo.

Considered a must by many expert travellers who love a little bit of luxury while on vacation, a limousine tour can be a romantic present for two, or an original way to enjoy a trip with a group.

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Ancient Turkish cities

The traditional Turkish cities are usually located along historical trade routes, notably the silk and spice routes. Built on lands rendered unfavorable for cultivation, the cities display unique localized architectural styles reflecting regional conditions with an urbane and sophisticated building tradition.

Although each has a distinctive character of its own, all have a citade; one or more grand mosque complexes containing religious colleges and welfare establishments.

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Visiting the Aquarium of the Bay


Among the many attractions of San Francisco’s waterfront is the Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39.

This popular destination for visitors to the city by the bay showcases the marine life of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding waters.

Known for its diversity of maritime species, the aquarium is a great way for adults and children alike to learn more about the bay’s animals and their habitats while enjoying their natural beauty.

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San Antonio de Areco

Argentina offers so many places where to discover its culture, which is pretty similar to the European one in some town. That’s the case of San Antonio de Areco, literally a sleepy town located only 2 hours from the well known city of Buenos Aires.

There you can admire so many colonial buildings as well as antique shops where you can find some objects related to the local culture and tradition. You will see another side of Argentina, the one made of fields, lakes, horses and gauchos.

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