Christmas in Bolzano

bolzano christmas

From December 4th to 23 there will be in Bolzano a meeting point for lovers of handmade gift ideas: the bazaar organized by the Center for Human Relations.

It proposes the production and sale of embroidered textiles, works on silk, jewelry, works Ceramic and glass and much more. Open from 10 am to 7pm.

From the second Sunday of Advent young artisans from various Italian and foreign localities display their work. Here can be sold only objects made by hand without the use of machines.

Are exposed leather, wool, glass or ceramic, wood instruments, drums, pictures, incense, wooden toys, rings, bracelets.

On the side of the square opens Walther Palace Campofranco with its inner courtyard hidden in an atmosphere of peace, with exhibitors and music from 27th November to 23 December. Within the large courtyard is the “Enchanted Wood” with many Christmas trees, some houses for the sale of specialty mountain and some houses that display decorative items.

Children can choose between entertainment designed especially for them: the representation of the live nativity scene, puppet shows, the carousel music, walks on the pony to the streets of downtown and carriage rides each day. There will be a Red Cross Service of Bolzano, which will make available to all mothers with small children a house, where we will be able to breast feed the little ones, to change his diaper, as well as to heat the milk with the bottle warmer.

Of course the house will be heated to make in order to keep the little warm for a while in case of excessive cold. The service will be available every day from 10.00 am to 7pm. The little house like every year will be called Point Bimbo. Kinderland at the circus tent in the Gallery Walther. Free service care for children aged 5 years. Get games, construction and creative activities every afternoon while the parents can spend their time shopping in town.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by webmink