February in Venice


February is a very lovely month to visit Venice, not only for the carnival, but also for St. Valentine’s.

If you are in the city in these days, here there is a small but interesting guide to some of the activities you can do while visiting around.

Starting from the carnival, which is seen as one of the biggest traditions in the city, thanks to which tourists come from all over the world. The celebrations include masquerade balls and parades hold both on land and in the canals, as well as music, games food fairs and activities for the kids.

Be ready to find your costume and don’t wait until the very last moment: enjoy this event as much as possible, since it is one of the few carnivals which start several weeks before the actual date, set for Shrove Tuesday.

If you are not into this kind of festivals that much, here there is another occasion that should be celebrated in Venice: Saint Valentine’s.
Most of the museums in the city offer some deals, such as two-for-one admissions for couples, or reductions. Get ready to be surrounded by hearts,romantic candlelight dinners, love letters and pink and red accessories which turn on the day for those who are in love.

If you are travelling with your sweetheart, a gondola ride is more than mandatory, as well a kiss under the famous Bridge of Sights. Enjoy the day, spoil both yourself and your partner and sip a drink in one of the restaurants in Saint Mark’s Square.

What are you waiting for? February has already started, so do not miss the chance to explore Venice through one of the two events which are going to be held in order to promote the city and attract tourists.