Pasta Trend – The Greatest event for the Pasta World

pasta trend

Pasta Trend is the first event worldwide completely dedicated to pasta and sauces. According to nutritionist and researcher Professor Calabrese pasta produces the hormone of good mood and it’s the first step to prevent depression crisis.

Pasta is the central product in Mediterranean diet, meeting all needs of a healthy, balanced and varied alimentation that combines nutrition and health.

Pasta Trend – The Greatest event for the Pasta World will take place in Bologna, in the central part of Italy from 24 to 27 April 2010 in the area Bologna – Fiere.

It is a new and spectacular showcase where visitors are invited to take part to interactive activities. The secret of fresh pastas relies on the preparation process: passion, research, large manufacturersand the knowledge of master craftsmen.

Pasta is one of the most used dishes, because it can be mixed with meat, fish, cheese and vegetables of all sort. Even if first ptototypes of spaghetti were born in China, Italy is the unique territory devoted to pasta, with thousands of regional recipes.

Here in Bologna, the city of Ragù (that is completely different from the bad sauce spread through the world) and Tortellini,  producers, farmers, millers processors and distributors will meet together. The admission ticket is free if you book it before 28th February.

You will enjoy workshops, technology engineers and chefs, with their work and passion, in the first major exhibition on pasta, sauces and food combinations, that presents raw materials, technologies, production and gastronomy protagonists.

Pasta Trend creates an open space to the realities of Italian and international agri-food sector. Bologna and Emilia Romagna have a significant opportunity to enhance one of Italian gastronomic excellence, the pasta. The entire product network, from raw materials to production and subsequent distribution, intend to offer a complete know-how.

26% of the World production of pasta (which in 2008 was 13 million tons) is made in Italy and 75% of the whole production in European Union countries is made in Italy too. The primacy of Italian pasta, as we said, has deep roots in the food culture.

Pasta Trends is a unique opportunity to get a preview of culinary trends and market trends, regulatory updates and technical innovations for the production, storage and distribution of quality pasta.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by Pablo76