Busters Coffe: an American corner in Turin

Welcome to Italy, tourists. I am pretty sure one of the first things you are missing here is Starbucks, a must place where you can grab your favorite American coffee or taste the super tasty Java Chip Frappuccino.

Unfortunately we don’t have it in here, but (of course there is always a but) don’t worry, Turin has the perfect solution for you, in order to satisfy your needs and let you enjoy the American taste.

The place is called Busters Coffee and you will die for it! There are 3 locations in the city, one in the center, near Piazza Castello (via Cesare Battisti), the other is in the so-called “Quadrilatero” area, and the last is in Piazza Statuto.

Very well connected to the main shopping streets, these are the right places where you can grab a coffee, discovering a new way to drink it. You can order the Italian coffee or the American one, choosing 3 different sizes, according to your thirst.

Moreover the bar is so cool inside, and you can have sit at the table or on the couch, while sipping your drink and chatting with friends or surfing on internet, thanks to the free wifi offered.

If you are not a coffee addicted, you can ask for a hot tea, a hot chocolate, a milk shake, and drink them while eating some specialites, such as piadine, sandwiches, salads, croissants, cheesecakes, pancakes, muffins or donots. I am pretty sure I forgot something, but hey, isn’t this let you want to try at least some of these?

The young and very nice staff puts passions in making both the food and the drinks, taking care of the clients’ satisfaction in order to offer the best. And, of course, they can speak English.