From Cuneo to both Italy and France


If you are on the border between France and Italy, and you want to visit some cities and towns in the neighborhood, go to Cuneo.

Situated in the Piedmontese region, the town was once one of the great places for French tourists, since it is so close to the other country and you could easily reach it by train or car.

Wouldn’t be cool spending half a day in Italy and half in France? And it is basically possible, so, why not to try?

The only bad thing about it, during these last years, is that Cuneo is not that great anymore. Both day life and nightlife are nothing compared the small towns near there, while once everyone went there to club and party.

You can still enjoy the big and famous open-air market on Tuesdays, which attracts so many tourists and people and it is very nice to hear them talking in Italian, French and Piedmontese.

Bars and restaurants offer great typical local food, which is definitely delicious, starting from the well-known cuneesi, the chocolates made in Cuneo, from where they take its name. You can choose between several tastes, according to the fact that you want alcohol or limoncello inside or not.

If you have never tried them, you can’t miss them, it is something like mandatory! So taste them and get ready to fall in love with them and to order a box to bring back to your hotel or home.

While exploring Cuneo, don’t miss the churches, which you can visit for free and the main street, Via Nizza, which make you have an amazing panoramic view of the mountains. The Italian ones, of course.

The train station is very easy to reach and you can choose which destination you are interested in. One route tourists don’t know that much is the one which goes to Ventimiglia toward France.