San Antonio de Areco

Argentina offers so many places where to discover its culture, which is pretty similar to the European one in some town. That’s the case of San Antonio de Areco, literally a sleepy town located only 2 hours from the well known city of Buenos Aires.

There you can admire so many colonial buildings as well as antique shops where you can find some objects related to the local culture and tradition. You will see another side of Argentina, the one made of fields, lakes, horses and gauchos.

In fact, you will be able to see gauchos horse riding near the rivers, enjoying their time at the open air. You can do it too by exploring the place by foot or by bike, which can be rent for free at the tourist local office. What a great chance to visit a place, instead of driving a car all day long.

Finding a place where to sleep is really easy, and you can choose the solution that fits you without any restrictions: if you prefer expensive and luxury hotel, you can book an estancia (room); if you want to venture a little bit more, you can find a cheap place a little bit far from the center, like the Estancia Cinacina, located just 15 minute away, where you can be in touch with nature, relaxing, breathing fresh air and horse riding across the fields.

Talking about night life, there are some pulperías, the traditional bars you definitely can’t miss. There you can have all the drinks you want for cheap, and you can discover a little bit more of the gauchos, thanks to their equipment, their objects lining the walls.

One of the best bar, according to the reviews on the internet is La Esquina de Merti, located on the main square called Plaza Ruiz de Arel­lano.