Eating Italian in Lisbon

Let’s see how tourists eat Italian while they are in Portugal. It’s very interesting to find out what they like and what they don’t, what they espect and what they get.

1- Markets: called mercados in Portuguese, one of the most famous ones is the Mercado da Ribeira, which is the perfect solution for your personal grocery. You can find an excellent wide variety of fruits and vegetables spending just a few euros.

You should really go there and try. Write the address down: Avenida 24 de Julho. It is located near the Cais do Sodré metro station, there is no chance you can miss it.

2 Ice-cream: it’s incredible how people go to Lisbon and ask for gelato. That’s Italian, not Portuguese, dude! Of course they sell it, and it’s also tasty, by the way. There is a wide variety of flavors, even if the price is more expensive that the real Italian one: at 2.60€ you can get 2 flavors. If you want to taste the best one in Lisbon, go to Santini’s Gelati, located in Rua do Carmo 9, where you can also have brunch.

3- Pizza: again, you are not in Italy, by the way, and the taste, of course, is different, less delicious. The place where you can find big slices for a cheap price (the most expensive slice is 2.70€) is Primo Basilico, located in Rua dos Remédios 37. It has a very wide variety of toppings, including the vegetarian options you can ask for. Everyday it offers a different deal, according to a specific topping.

If you prefer eating pizza at dinner, go to Casanova, which is in the Alfama area, opposite the river side of the Santa Apolonia train station, next to Deli Delux. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any signs, but it’s easy to find. It’s a very popular local due to its thin crust pizzas, and if you don’t go there around 7pm, you will definitely find a queue.