Christmas market in Rapallo Liguria

rapallo liguria

During the Christmas period, also in the collection and fairy-tale setting of the village of Rapallo, the “carugi” animate the lights, scents and colors of Christmas.

Wandering through the many banquets you can find delicious gift ideas, special works of local crafts and gourmet products like the famous pandolce the classic chestnut or apple fritters.

Rapallo is a town of about 30,000 Italian inhabitants, the Province of Genoa in Liguria, far from the capital about 32 km. Its urban area extends over its entire Gulf, including the municipalities contiguous.

If you are passing around these parts is required a visit to its important monuments such as the sanctuary of Montallegro, built in 1558 and considered one of the major Marian shrines in Liguria.

Built in the same period is the sixteenth century castle, constructive usually to oppose the invasion of pirates on the water just in front of the village, declared a national monument and symbol par excellence of Rapallo. Just inside the castle, between December 5 and January 17, is hosted an exhibition of nativity scenes, local crafts and works with all country.

Also missed the ceremony of “Confuoco”, an ancient cultural and religious celebration, historically linked to the Republic of Genoa, which still is celebrated in many towns in Liguria, with the traditional bonfire and the official ceremony with the trunk and twigs of laurel.