Rovereto Christmas Markets

rovereto italy

Rovereto, city of peace and cultural capital of Trentino, this year will host a marketplace of Christmas Special from 28 November to 24th December.

Located in the main street and along the streets and the historic squares of the city, offering delicacies of territories: crafts, deli meats and cheeses, pastries, chocolate and wine.

Not only that, the “Christmas of peoples” Rovereto, this year turned the encounter between the different cultures, in addition to animate the squares and the streets of downtown. It will bring in the Christmas market art  craft of Naples with its cribs and the with typical Christmas decorations.

Famous in the world, the traditional Neapolitan Nativity continues to live thanks to the skill and passion of many craftsmen who are able to man keep alive this noble art.

Even today, mostly located along the famous San Gregorio Street in Naples, survive numerous artisan shops which create works of art of the highest level, from pastors to the various characters of the scenes sacer, from locations to the many objects, animals and other details descriptive, drawing on their techniques and examples eighteenth century.

Rovereto, from 11 December and until the Epiphany, will run a Art Exhibition Neapolitan crib, a unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas the Italian tradition.

EVENTS of December: At 19th St. Mark’s Church in Corso Rosmini 10 a.m. there will be Christmas Concert with the Choir for the Opening of the Christmas markets 20th – Piazza Rosmini Rovereto Day Ceremony greetings Info: – [email protected]

Image of Rovereto is a Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by Kliò